Route Player let you preview the last 3 km of your route by sequencing Google Street View™ images.

Route Player is now available on Google Play.


Start by searching a starting location and a destination using the two input boxes. Please, select one of the items suggested in the dropdown list by autocompletion. You can look for both street addresses and business places, like bars and restaurants. You can also select your favorite transit mode: car, walk, or bicycle.

Once you have found your route, press the blue "Player" button on the left top menu bar. This will start the streaming of your route. You can play the route by pressing the "play" icon of the media player toolbar on the right panel.

Drag the blue slider of the media player to quickly move forward and backward the images of your route.

WARNING: Route Player requires a fast Internet connection and it works better over wifi and 4G connections.

Privacy Issues

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